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“Some journeys take us far from home.¬†Some adventures lead us to our destiny”
– CS Lewis

Special Offers

Long Term Rental

  • The Placencia peninsula has many resorts, a village and numerous condos and villas to rent and relax in. This is an ideal place to work or have an extended holiday or work from home environment especially if you are a digital nomad. Long term car rentals allow you to experience Belize at your own pace and within your budget. We can structure bespoke deals to suit you on a weekly or monthly basis and possibly longer.

Deals by Emails

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Buy a Car

  • Our customers enjoy renting our cars so much that some have gone on to buy them from us. The cars are looked after and regularly serviced so are in great condition to buy. We will help you do the transfer of title to your name so very little hassle.